hiremetowriteWhy pay for a full time copywriter or digital manager when you’re not sure if it will really add the value? try and buy!

Retainers help businesses add high quality in-house performance and commitment to production, but with flexibility and cost-savings within a client’s budget. Clients can try out new approaches, grabbing or reducing production and content as and when they need it. Project needs can really fluctuate depending on client accounts, so what a business needs right now might change in three weeks or months, so retainers are an ideal reliable and cost-effective solution without the long term commitment to a full-time employee.
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How Much? Here’s an Example:
Cost: £10,000 per annum for 10 hours a week
Hourly rate:  £20.00 per hour
This includes office space and additional research time on certain projects.

What is a Content Retainer?
The client agrees a certain amount of hours and type of content to be delivered to meet their requirements, this secures a regular commitment and allows the company to save money on administration and office space, The client can then concentrate on getting the content they need when they need it.
Hannah will represent the company as an employee, attend meetings and be loyal and committed.

ideaspoweredbypassion“Content needs can fluctuate and therefore retainers can be financially more beneficial for the client.”

The Benefits of a Retainer to Clients

  • Clients do not have to find office space, desk, computer or have the standard contract or PAYE obligations.
  • Complete flexibility for the client, reduce or increase as time goes on.
  • Clients simply receive a monthly invoice at an agreed rate within their budget restraints.
  • Clients have a committed member of their staff with allocated time to their projects.
  • No administration time wasted in getting content delivered.
  • Hannah is able to work in a quiet environment undisturbed and focused on the work.
  • No PAYE or contract commitments for the client.
  • Clients can also use the additional office/meeting space where Hannah is based in Tavistock for their own meetings with clients, helping clients expand their location radius.

How it Works

1) Hannah receives client requirements and drafts a proposal & outline price.
2) The client receives proposal and requests any required changes.
3) A final proposal is agreed and work starts.
4) The client pays monthly or weekly.
7) The first week is on a trial basis before retainer is fully put in place.
8) The client can notify Hannah at any time to terminate the agreement anyway based on an agreed notice period.

Retainer Proposal will contain:

  • Amount of hours per week or month.
  • Rate per hour.
  • Estimated content to be delivered (eg.3 posts, 1 article, 1 white paper).
  • Notice period – either one week, or one month, as agreed with the client depending on their fluctuating needs.
  • Term of trial – a try out period – usually one week’s trial.
  • Review dates – usually a brief check every four weeks and a complete review every 6 months.
  • Annual leave agreement – annual leave is applied within all retainers (6 weeks) and the client will be notified when this will take place taking into account the client’s needs also.
  • Additional hours can be added adhoc outside of the retainer agreement at £20 per hour.
  • Travel costs are additional as calculated via standard business mileage & usage etc.

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