Hannah Lambert Creative was launched in November 2015 by professional writer, editor and project manager – Hannah Lambert. It provides content and project management solutions to individuals, organisations, charities and projects. For more information about Hannah please visit her Biography.
Examples of written work can be found on the portfolio page, and content live on clients sites can also be found by viewing the client page.

You can request one-off content or we can organise a retainer agreement to suit your needs big or small.

Content can be produced in any medium or genre, and Hannah enjoys working with people and organisations to get the best results for her clients.

Hannah can produce a wide range of content and services:

  • Websites – update your content, products, add SEO, develop links and social networking
  • Social media- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,
  • Blogs – WordPress, Blogger.com etc
  • You Tube – Add Videos, subtitles, content, make comments, design and write tutorials
  • Magazines – research articles, reviews, current affairs, music, product advertorials
  • Online Campaigns – design and write online campaigns, advertising and content
  • Small and large scale digital projects – project management, reports and digital content

 At Hannah Lambert Creative we pledge to:

  • Really listen to your requirements, be friendly and reliable
    Work fast, be relevant and direct, and deliver what you need
    Learn and research your project, products and organisation
  • Work within a range of formal and informal house-styles
  • Behave like a colleague within your organisation while I work on your content. Attend meetings and document planning. Bring ideas when required, and stick to a clear plan of action when stated.
  • Be flexible, helpful and most of all add value to your campaigns or projects.
  • Be on time and in budget, and loyal to my clients in all aspects.

Please get in touch anytime!