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Specialist in tutorials, music, artist and performance reviews.

“A valued and easy to use content business  solution for any striving business”

  • Do you need someone to research, collate and fill in the data & content for tutorials, videos, projects?
  • Do you need quick and relevant content for your website or social media or are you losing business because website visitors numbers are low?
  • Do statistics indicate visitors are coming to your website without converting into sales?
  • Do you just need project management support or report writing services?
  • Would it help to have someone look at your current website and recommend changes to make a better user experience and get more sales conversions?

“Hannah is a perceptive writer  and business consultant who gets our market and knows how to make our website and brand send a clear message to attract customers and subscribers, it was a relief to find someone who can get on with the job while we get on with the business”

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Services range from needing one-off or ongoing copy, content and social networking for projects and campaigns, report writing, technical specifications, reviews, event coverage, blog tutorials individuals needing help with CV and letters. Prince 2 documentation such Project Initiation Documents etc or client briefs & presentations. Hannah will attend meetings to maximise the effectiveness of the work you commission.

If you have a particular budget or cost allocation, just let me know and we’ll work together to make sure you get the copy you need when you need it.